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Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner’s Healthy Diet Unveiled

2 MIN READ • 28th December 2018

She’s the TV presenter who graced our screens on programmes such as Blue Peter and GMTV. Here’s what Anthea eats on a daily basis


I’m an early bird, so I’m awake at 7.30am. I have kefir from Chuckling Goat – it contains good bacteria and is great for the gut. Then, after 20 minutes, I take vitamin C, omegas and a LithoLexal Bone health tablet (I have three a day). After going for a run along the River Thames, I will make four-minute egg on soda bread for breakfast and wash it down with a coffee.


I religiously eat morning snacks. I’ll have herbal or builder’s tea with a biscuit. I have a basket full of healthy snack attack bars, which I put in handbags and my car. Sadly, if I’m home, I look at them and often grab a Hob Nob because it’s good for my spiritual wellbeing.


During lunchtime, I will sometimes head into town for meetings. I’m a member of a wonderful ladies’ club called Grace Belgravia, a women-only spa, gym and restaurant. I often have their grilled salmon and vegetables for lunch – it’s the best.


In the afternoon, I drink water, often with H3O hydration salts in, and I eat nuts like there’s no tomorrow. I love dark chocolate – I didn’t used to, but dark varieties give me a chocolate hit and I eat far less. I love it flavoured with mint, too.


I’m close to my three step daughters, so I love to eat dinner with them. This evening, one of them, Amelia, popped round and we had an Indian takeaway. Typically, I will have chicken with a secret family sauce (it’s amazing), basmati boiled rice, broccoli and kale.


I love to chill at home in the evenings. I binge-watch box sets – the last series I watched was Killing Eve. I’m in bed by 11pm though as I love my sleep!
Anthea takes LithoLexal Bone Health Tablets three times a day and is the brand ambassador for LithoLexal, a unique marine-based bone and joint supplement. Available from Holland & Barrett.

The low down

Nutritional therapist and author of The Balance Plan, Angelique Panagos (, gives her insight into Anthea’s day.
Starting the day with Chuckling Goat can be really beneficial for Anthea’s microbiome! Adding in some tomatoes, mushrooms, a handful of spinach and avocado to breakfast will bring in additional vitamins C and D, and good fats which will benefit Anthea further through the winter months. There’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, but I recommend Anthea mixes it up and has a matcha latte or green tea instead on some days. These are higher in antioxidants and will still give Anthea that little energy boost to keep her going throughout the day.
Anthea is getting a good range of fibre and antioxidants from the rainbow of vegetables, and I am pleased to see there are healthy fats for hormone balancing from the fish that she eats, too. A simple snack swap could be dark chocolate with tea instead of the biscuits, as dark chocolate comes with added health benefits. However, I do get the spiritual wellbeing part! Anthea’s dinner sounds like a good source of protein, fats and antioxidants. Having brown rice would increase her B vitamins, or she could try some cauliflower rice mixed in for added fibre and phytonutrients.

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