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Amanda Byram: “My favourite healthy recipes”

3 MIN READ • 6th February 2023

Every month our healthy living guru brings us her bite-sized tips

I have found that shops and cafes are cashing in on the new health trend, but really it shouldn’t cost a small fortune for dishes and snacks that can easily be made at home. The other day I spent £11 on two eggs and an avocado mashed on rye but let’s face it, a dozen eggs, a whole loaf of rye and a bag of avocados wouldn’t cost that at home! While it’s lovely to eat out or buy ready-to-go food and drink, just be mindful that some of these places are simply jumping on the bandwagon, and you can actually do a lot yourself. Below I have included some of my fave recipes and tips to help you on your healthy journey.

  • Milk it
    The Soyabella milk maker is an amazing piece of kitchen equipment for anyone who is serious about making perfect nut milk in minutes, and it gets my vote as the product of the year! Making your own nut milk is quick and easy, and especially good when you consider that some shop bought nut milks only contain seven percent nuts, with the rest preservatives and water! All you do is add one cup of nuts (I use cashew nuts soaked overnight), pour water into the main body and then mill the ingredients for around one minute. For 15 percent off the nut milk maker visit and add AMANDA15 to the coupon code in your basket (terms and conditions apply).

  • Get jamming
    My home-made jam is insanely easy to make and a healthy alternative to shop-bought options. I first made the below recipe when I lived in LA and chia seeds were relatively unheard of. They are packed with omega 3, protein, fibre and calcium and luckily are now easily available in a range of shops. To make the jam, heat a punnet of berries in a saucepan, while gently squashing them down with a wooden spoon. Add some grated ginger, a squeeze of lemon and two tablespoons of chia seeds. Let the mixture cool, pour into a sterilized jar and that’s it!

  • Spirulina snacks
    Spirulina is a powerhouse superfood powder which has all the protein, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and chlorophyll your body could need. To make my favourite spirulina sesame snacks mix the following ingredients in a bowl: 400g sesame seeds, 100g ground cashews, two tablespoons of spirulina powder, four to five tablespoons of coconut nectar syrup and four to five tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Mix everything until all the ingredients are dispersed evenly.Spread the mixture out onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper and put it in the freezer for half an hour or an hour.

  • Homemade granola
    So many shop-bought cereals are laden with unhealthy ingredients and I get really annoyed at how a lot of big companies aim their sugary products at children. Instead of snacking on these, try my quick and easy granola recipe.
    Put two tablespoons of coconut oil into a pan and add approximately two tablespoons of natural sweetener – I use either coconut nectar, which has a low GI and plenty of amino acids, or agave. Next, add three or four cups of gluten-free oats to the pan and coat the oats in the mixture, toasting them slightly. Spread them out in the pan and keep toasting them on a low heat.
    In another pan, melt one teaspoon of coconut oil and stir in some nuts and/or seeds. Now add some coconut flakes and then goji berries and mulberries. Add a few pinches of cinnamon (which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol) and continue to coat until toasted. Once your mixture is golden brown, mix in your crispy oats. Once your granola has cooled down, add some cacao nibs and enjoy!

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Amanda Byram
TV presenter

Amanda is Health & Wellbeing’s resident healthy living guru. Her recent book, The Switch, is a distillation of all the simple and life-changing techniques, tips and tricks she’s used to step off the perfection treadmill and back into... Discover more

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