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Want flawless skin? Try PSOLACE

3 MIN READ • 30th June 2020


Summer’s here, which means sleeveless dresses and bikinis, but if you suffer with a chronic skin condition, it can be hard to enjoy the warmer days. A condition such as psoriasis can be frustrating and cause a lot of unhappiness – not only does it cause discomfort from itchiness and sore, flaky skin, but it’s also difficult to treat and can seriously knock your confidence and mental health. While there are many products available, from lotions to emollients, those affected will know the disappointment of an unsuccessful treatment. However, there is help available – we take a look at the 100 percent natural psoriasis home remedy, PSOLACE.

Firstly, what is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-infectious, painful, disfiguring and disabling autoimmune disease for which there is no cure and with great negative impact on a persons’ quality of life. It can occur at any age, and is most common in the age group 50-69. Due to the number of people with psoriasis, it is a serious global problem, which is why it’s important to find a solution that works to treat the underlying cause of the condition to help the many people that suffer from it.

Is there a psoriasis home remedy?

You’ll be pleased to know that the answer is yes. Formulated by nutritional therapists and recommended by medical experts, PSOLACE is a psoriasis treatment that goes further than just treating the symptoms – it treats the actual root cause from deep within the body. This revolutionary treatment system is made of 67 herb and botanical ingredients that are all carefully chosen due to their clinically proven benefits, including psyllium husk, ginger root, moringa, vitamin D, turmeric, chicory root, slippery elm bark and flaxseed, that work fast to cleanse the gut of toxins, balance the body’s alkaline level and heal the skin from within. The treatment system is made up of a series of three different powders that you drink with pH balanced mineral water in the morning, three different capsules to be taken with your meals, and a topical skin cream to apply throughout the day. PSOLACE has a 360 approach to curing psoriasis and other skin conditions, which is why it is so effective and can make a difference to your skin in a matter of days.

Loryn, the co-founder of Psolace, suffered from psoriasis from childhood and experienced severe emotional and physical effects of the disease. After trying every known drug prescribed for the condition, she decided to find a natural, effective way to heal it herself. Together with her partner Miguel, she tested many different herbal and botanical ingredients on herself and was able to discover and create her very own unique and powerful formula that worked and drastically transformed her life in less that 30 days.

How do you use PSOLACE?

If you want to try PSOLACE for yourself, it’s important that you follow the guidelines from the PSOLACE experts to ensure you get the most out of the treatment. Taking the first powder (Cleanse+) upon awakening and the second powder (Balance+) 45 minutes later on an empty stomach works as an intestinal cleanser to absorb and remove toxins and impurities. Acid levels are reduced to create a pH neutral environment in your gut, which leads to a wide range of health benefits, including healthy, clear skin. Taking the third powder (Nourish+) on an empty stomach, still while fasting, will provide powerful, energising and nourishing nutrients to fuel your body and continue with the detox and skin rejuvenation process.

At this point, you would have now taken all three powders and your body will have gone through a gentle fasting and detox process. During this fasting period, your body would have also been in a self-healing or ‘repair’ mode, and by midday you will be ready to have your first solid meal to provide your body with sustenance. Taking three capsules (Glow+ and Antioxidant+) together with your lunch meal will work on fighting inflammation at a molecular level to help reduce itchiness and calm your skin. Antioxidant capacity level is increased, enzymes stimulate the detox process within the liver, and vitamin D3 is processed within your liver and kidneys to become active and provide enrichment to your skin.

After consuming food throughout the day, your digestive tract needs to work efficiently to move the waste created through and out your system. A poor functioning or weak digestive tract may struggle with this process. By taking the Support+ capsules with your main evening meal, the ingredients included in the capsule will play an important role in supporting the digestive system to work effectively while you sleep. Soothing+ contains multiple well-known ingredients that are known and trusted to effectively soothe, nourish and provide relief for very itchy, dry or scaly skin. By applying Soothe+ throughout the day, various oils (each with their own specific healing properties) will gently be absorbed into the skin and work to keep your skin calm and hydrated.

Click here to find about more about PSOLACE and to start your journey to better skin today.

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As H&W's deputy editor, I'm lucky enough to cover everything from celebrities to skincare. At the weekend, I'm happiest when adding to my ever-expanding houseplant collection, swimming laps at my local lido, spending time with my family and... Discover more

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