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5 Ways Lifesum Can Improve Your Workout

2 MIN READ • 7th October 2016

The health app is all you need to make sure you're fuelling your body the right way

There’s no doubt about it, smartphones have changed the way we monitor our fitness. With a host of apps available, choosing the right one for you can be a minefield. Lovisa Nilsson, in-house nutritionist at health app Lifesum, which promises to simplify healthy living and help you build a bespoke lifestyle plan, shares five ways the application can improve your workout.

    • Eat the right pre and post workout meals You can use Lifesum to find a good snack with plenty of healthy fibre, complex carbs and a good amount of protein. All meals are rated for their nutrient balance, satiety index and glycemic index making sure that what you put into your mouth fits your goals.

    • Go on a high protein diet If you have an active lifestyle you require some extra protein in your diet and this is especially true if you’re looking to preserve, or even gain, more lean body mass (muscles). That option is available in Lifesum – you can choose the Food For Strength plan if you’re looking to gain or maintain weight or the Hunger No More plan if you’re looking to lose.

    • Connect your favourite fitness tracker Connect to one of our partners and count your daily steps, calories and distance to keep a record of your exercise alongside your daily food intake. Using this feature you can analyse trends in how you perform during your workouts coupled with what, and when, you’ve been eating. Together these will help you optimise the timing and quality of your meals.

    • Keep tabs on your water intake Hydration is critical for physical activity and thankfully Lifesum comes fully equipped with a water tracker to help you stay hydrated. The recommendation for water will increase in connection with your activity level.

  • Plan your workouts If I were to give one piece of advice as a nutritionist it would be to plan your meals and exercise in advance. In Lifesum you can track your exercises and foods the day before to make sure you reach your goals and leave room for potential setbacks.

Lifesum is compatible with both Apple and Android phones and is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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