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10 of the best vegan snacks

2 MIN READ • 22nd November 2019

In the space of 30 years, we’ve tripled our consumption of snacks with 63 percent of employees are relying on them to get through their working day, with some even admitting to having a desk drawer dedicated to their small bites.

So, when it’s 3pm, the Graze box is empty and need something to get you through until home time, here are 10 of the best healthy snacks that are suitable for vegans.

Bepps: Prices start from £3.60 for a taster box of 3

Squirrel Sisters: Prices start from £22.99 for a box of 16

Earlybirds Berry Bircher, £2.25

Munchy Seeds Salted Caramel: 12 snack packs for £7.50

Human Food: Prices start from £33 for a monthly subscription


Plant Pops: RRP £1.20

Gingerbread Brownie Bites from Nibble Protein: RRP £1.49

Banana & Turmeric Plantshakes from FOGA: Prices start from £2.40, or £29.99 for a one-off box of 10 Plantshakes, or subscriptions start at £24.00 for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly box of 10 Plantshakes

Sunmo Naturally Sweet Plantain Crisps: £1.89


CocoTop: RRP £2.49

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Daniella Gray
Senior content writer

Daniella is senior content writer at Health & Wellbeing magazine, which combines her love for writing, food and fitness. Daniella’s love of glossy magazines began when she’d steal copies of her mum’s Marie Claire and buy the latest... Discover more

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