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The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try

5 MIN READ • 6th June 2017

Don't be a shrinking violet – purple fruit and veg are packed with nutrients and could make you look younger

You don’t need to look to the catwalk for this season’s hottest hue, the latest shade trending in the wellness world is on your plate. While your mum may have told you to eat your greens, there’s another colour in the spectrum that you might be missing out on but you should be including in your dishes. From fighting fine lines and beating illnesses to helping aid weight loss and creating Insta-worthy meals, purple fruit and vegetables really do have it all.

So, why should i eat these?

Purple fruit and vegetables boast heaps of benefits, as they are packed with potent nutrients such as anthocyanins (bear with us). The bright tone of these foods is an indication of nutrient density and high levels of antioxidants, which help us to fight disease, inflammation and signs of ageing.

“Anthocyanins are the most prominent among the flavonoids,” explains nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker ( “These are the universal plant colourants that are responsible for the red, purple and blue hues evident in many fruits, vegetables and cereal grains. Proven to have health-promoting qualities, their consumption is thought to play a role in preventing illnesses such as cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular and neurological diseases.” And that’s not all, as other benefits include improved cognitive function, a healthy liver and a reduction in high cholesterol. “A change in our diets to increase our intake of these foods is certainly a positive one and I look forward to seeing the inventive ways in which they continue to be used,” Dr Schenker says.

Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson ( agrees. “Anthocyanins work closely with vitamin C in our body to increase the amount of the vitamin in our cells, enhancing collagen. As a result they strengthen and maintain our skin, including all connective tissues and blood vessels. Nutritionally, it’s recommended to consume a rainbow of colour daily through a variety of vegetables and fruit. Don’t focus solely on purple foods as this is an unbalanced diet generally, but by all means do include some of this colour whenever you can – ideally every day – to help provide a source of these valuable nutrients,“Shona explains.

I’m sold! which foods should be on my plate?

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to change much about your daily menu to be able to gain the benefits from purple produce. Here are some of our favourite purple-coloured foods which can be easily incorporated into your diet:


  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    “You might think purple potatoes look slightly odd compared to the normal ones that you’re used to,” explains Victoria Robertson, certified nutritional chef and head of culinary at food delivery service HelloFresh (hellofresh., “but their high concentration of anthocyanin acts as an anti-inflammatory and has great anti-viral properties.”

    Our tip

    Victoria suggests switching your usual shepherd’s or cottage pie topping to this potato and enjoy the taste, colour and array of health benefits.

  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    Fun carrot fact – before they became well-known for their orange tinge, this root vegetable was originally purple! This variety has twice the amount of alpha and beta carotene than the more common type, which is converted into vitamin A, essential to healthy vision and skin. They are also full of dietary fibre, vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese.

    Our tip

    Sadly purple carrots are an uncommon sight in most UK supermarkets, but you can find them online at They can be used in place of orange carrots.

  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    “This vegetable’s skin contains the antioxidant nasunin, helping to maintain brain cell function,” says Victoria. “Not only are they a great source of fibre, they are also full of vitamins B1 and B6. These vital nutrients help maintain your nervous system, convert carbohydrates into glucose, break down fats and protein and preserve immunity.”

    Our tip

    Here at YF HQ we love using this vegetable in place of pasta sheets in lasagne dishes. All you need to do is slice it into thin pieces for a tasty meal with less carbs.

  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    “Red cabbage contains an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants,” explains Victoria. “Just a few examples of these are calcium for strong bones and teeth, magnesium and iron for energy and potassium which promotes healthy blood sugar levels, along with an abundance of additional health perks!”

    Our tip

    “Add this to any dish, whether it be a side or the main ingredient in a stir-fry and your body will thank you,” says Victoria. We also like using it in a salad.

  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    They may be small, but these berries are mighty. Known as an immune booster, acai berries can also aid digestion thanks to their powerful detoxification capacities and they can also promote skin health. These purple powerhouses have antiageing properties and can help you to lose and maintain weight – pop them in your morning smoothie!

    Our tip

    Not sure how to fit these into your diet? Try an acai berry bowl – simply blend this berry and top with your choice of fruit. That’s breakfast sorted!

  • The New Anti-Ageing Food Trend You Need To Try
    Originating from Kenya, this brew is grown at altitude near the equator which results in very high levels of anthocyanin (it contains more than blueberries) to protect the leaves from UV damage.
    These leaves boast another secret not found in any other food – the polyphenol GHG, which can decrease fat while increasing lean body mass.

    Our tip

    Brew this cuppa for one to three minutes. While it’s best as a loose leaf tea, you can also buy purple teabags – £3 for 20, available at

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