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Instepp: The fitness invention that will revolutionise your exercise routine

2 MIN READ • 8th November 2023

Looking for something to help boost your fitness levels that’s simple and easy to use, and can be incorporated into your regular walks? Instepp could be the answer!

Much has been said about how great walking is for both our mental and physical health, and plenty of research has shown it has a long list of benefits. But what if you could ramp up your usual routine to enjoy even more gains? Well, with Instepp you can!  

This weighted resistance band was designed to help boost your everyday strolls by turning them into a chance to tone and strength your upper body. 

It was first launched by Julie Ford in 2018, and she’s since had lots of success with the product – appearing on GB news with Eamon Holmes to talk about it, being featured in the Daily Mail and even showing Liz Earle the ropes.  

“Instepp is the one and only innovative product that gives you two in one: cardio with strengthening, and lets you walk and tone your way to good health,” she says. “It allows you to walk with resistance, which is so good for your physical, mental and social health and fitness. In fact, I think it’s the golden ticket of exercise. It’s particularly good for older women and helps with weight control, cardio and fitness as well as combating osteoporosis and many other symptoms associated with menopause.”  

What is Instepp?  

Instepp is essentially a weighted resistance band that allows you to work your whole upper body while performing exercise traditionally associated with your lower body, such as walking. It provides 2.3kg of resistance – the ideal amount to activate, tone, and strengthen your muscles as well as improve joint mobility, and has a unique black neoprene Instepp foot pad which fits comfortably inside your shoe. 

It’s made using ergonomic ribbed foam handles for comfort when holding, and also included in the package are hands-free clips which allow you to attach your Instepp to your trouser, freeing up your hands when you’re not using them.  

How to use it  

What’s so great about Instepp is its versatility. You can use it while out walking through the countryside, strap it on at home while pottering around the house or complete a more vigorous workout using all sorts of movements.  

Julie says the benefits come from how easy it is to use – it’s simple to put on and move with it attached to your body, and you can’t really go wrong with it. Plus, Julie is more than happy to talk to any users and provide a bespoke health and wellbeing plan to help them make the most of it.  

She has countless testimonials from people who have used it – including those recovering from surgery, those looking to improve their upper body strength and those with conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Julie says it has also been very successful and a help with a small number of people with Parkinson’s.  

“It’s a revolutionary product and can really help make a difference to your fitness levels,” she says. “Plus it costs far less than a month’s subscription to the gym – and lasts far longer.”  

To try it yourself, and find out more visit  

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