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Holidaying in one of Europe's sunniest cities

Discover Europe’s Sunniest Cities

3 MIN READ • 1st May 2024

Looking to book a holiday or city break soon? Read on to find out where Europe's sunniest cities lie and what you can enjoy there

Everyone needs a bit of sunshine and a dose of vitamin C. So why not treat yourself to some fun in the sun and book a holiday or city break in one of Europe’s sunniest cities? According to research by Holidu, Malaga is the sunniest city in Europe, boasting an average of 320 sunny days per year. It’s also the perfect holiday spot if you’re looking to experience and enjoy some European culture. Read on to discover some of the most popular cities in Europe and more reasons why you should visit these hotspots…


With Malaga being the sunniest city in Europe, it’s the perfect starting point for this article. Malaga sits on the southern coast of Spain and is known for its stunning beaches and exciting culture. With just a short flight from the UK, you can be sat by the pool, cocktail in hand, in no time. Malaga has a wide range of activities to offer, from chilling on the beautiful beaches, exploring the historic city centre or even experiencing the rich Spanish food and drink in one of the many incredible restaurants and cafes Malaga has to offer. Did somebody say tapas and Sangria?


This is another top destination on the Spanish coast and another of Europe’s sunniest cities. Alicante is also known for its sunshine, with an astonishing average of 2,800 hours per year. Take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and discover the charm of the Alicante culture. One of the reasons this destination is so unique is that it’s not just enjoyed by tourists, the locals holiday here too. With sights such as the Santa Barbara Caste that offer incredible views of the city, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring. 


This is a lesser-known destination, but is all the same when it comes to sunshine. This gem is hidden in southeastern Spain. This is a great option for any tourist who loves the hustle and bustle of the city. Explore the rich history of the city, taste the unique cuisine and don’t forget to take a look at the incredible Cathedral of Murcia. 


A little island getaway can be just what the doctor ordered. Catania is right on the east coast of Sicily and again, is famous for having plenty of sunshine. This destination offers the perfect combination of city and beach, relaxing and exploring. Immerse yourself in the Italian and Sicilian culture and cuisine. Make sure to fill up on the delicious pizza and pasta, and of course, Sicily is known for its fresh and delicious seafood. The city is full of delicious street food, as well as a bustling fish market. And remember, there’s nothing ‘hotter’ than an active volcano. Don’t forget to take a peak at the highest active volcano in Europe. It’s a beauty. 


And finally, back over to Spain which seems to be the country with the most sunshine in Europe. Seville is another super sunny destination that’s the perfect holiday destination for any tourists who love to explore. This is another destination that is famous for its amount of sunshine. Seville is a beautiful city that’s full of breathtaking architecture and sights. Take the morning to explore the Alcazar palace and taste some of the finest Spanish cuisine. Of course, afternoons are for siestas and taking a much-needed break from the strong sunshine, recharging you for a night of delicious Spanish cuisine and flamenco dancing. 

In summary, whether you’re looking for a holiday where you can explore, or just looking for the perfect destination to relax, these European destinations can almost guarantee you a holiday filled with the perfect amount of sunshine. 

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