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Camilla Dallerup: “Mindfulness Transformed My Life”

3 MIN READ • 19th April 2017

Each month our favourite motivation guru guides us back to the straight and narrow

I remember many years ago, way before I taught mindfulness, reading that when you are at the gym or working out you should be focusing on your muscles, your breath and the exercise you are doing fully, rather than watching the TV on the running machine or texting in-between reps. This is because your workout will be much more powerful and effective. I took this information to heart and now whenever I walk, run or do weights, I make sure that I’m fully present and tuned into my body. What I didn’t realise at first is that this is mindfulness – being fully aware while doing a task and not dissociating from the exercise and the pain or struggle we may feel, but rather leaning into it, feeling it and sensing it instead.

This truly changed my experience of not only exercising but every aspect of my life. I started looking at all the activities I did throughout the day – from walking the dogs to eating my dinner – and began to consider how I could make them all more mindful. What I found was that this made me enjoy even the things I used to find quite boring. You can do this too! For example, if you’re walking quickly to work because you’re running late, instead of feeling panicked about being on the drag and beating yourself up about it, switch your thinking and say to yourself: “I may be late but I’m walking now so I might as well enjoy it”.

This will make a huge difference and help boost your mood before arriving at work. Accepting what is happening and letting go of a need to control or change it can be an extremely mindful and freeing experience.

Meditate today

One of the most helpful things we learn through mindfulness practice is that we can allow for our feelings and thoughts to come and go instead of fighting them. So the next time you start being hard on yourself about the fitness goal you have not yet achieved or get frustrated about why it’s taken so long to learn a new sport, take a moment to sit down and meditate with that feeling instead. You see, when we get frustrated and angry, all our emotion does is feed that fire – even when we say to ourselves that we want to think otherwise. If you take a moment to sit in peace, allow your thoughts to just be there and switch your focus to your breath you may find your frustration will leave a little quicker.

1. Sit somewhere where you feel relaxed. Tune into your breath.
2. Notice every sensation happening in the body as you breathe, like the chest rising up and down, the belly expanding and dropping and so on.

3. Repeat the following affirmations: “I give myself permission to just be in this moment” and “I give myself permission to not judge or have to control anything in this moment”.

Giving yourself permission to just allow everything to be, even for just five minutes a day, can help you feel more positive and can give you greater clarity and focus.


Be the master of your thoughts

H5>The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

If you have been searching for something that explains easily and clearly how you may be getting in the way of your own success, then please pick up a copy of this beautiful book. I am very aware through clients and friends that we often sabotage our own fitness goals and dreams because of the limited thoughts we create about ourselves. It explains the importance of raising our awareness and shows how we can master our dreams. The principles apply to our entire life but can be used easily in whatever area you need some support or guidance. One chapter, entitled ‘Always do your best’, looks at the pressure we put ourselves under every day at home, at work and in our fitness targets. The conclusion is that we should all just try our hardest – that way we can’t be made to feel guilty or frustrated for not trying our best.

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