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5 Reasons To Use A Kettlebell

2 MIN READ • 26th April 2016

Waving around a heavy, metal object may be nervewracking, but here kettlebell guru Guy Noble explains why we absolutely must

  • “Let’s be honest, it just works”
    I’ve been teaching kettlebells to the fitness industry and athletes for improved strength, endurance and body composition changes for ten years now and it’s the most versatile training tool I’ve come across. Originally people laughed at this cannon ball with a handle, but its popularity has gone from strength to strength and why? Because it works. Swinging a heavy kettlebell makes the body feel powerful, and this simple device allows you to flow from one exercise to another with grace and precision.

  • “They force the body to work harder”
    The odd looking object may feel awkward to hold initially, but you’ll soon feel comfortable and the unique shape actually lends itself to a variety of exercises. The offset centre of gravity forces the body to do more work in order to stabilise, consequently burning more calories than ever before. Put together a series of exercises with little rests in between for fat loss while preserving lean muscle.

  • “It aids other activities”
    Kettlebell training comprises of dynamic movements which have a huge crossover with other sports. The basic ‘swing’ requires a full body co-ordinated movement and the legs, hips and core muscles have to work together to make the exercise efficient and powerful. It’s fast, explosive and replicates a lot of movements in everyday life.

  • “Did I mention the versatility?”
    From athletes who require sport-specific strength training to the general public looking to improve their fitness, the kettlebell fits the bill nicely. They’re much easier to work with than a barbell, as they allow the movements to be performed heavier for power and lighter for strength endurance. Kettlebells provide easy transition from one exercise to another and you’ve got a whole training programme with just a few pieces of equipment.

  • “A core that performs as well as it looks”
    This is my favourite aspect of training with a kettlebell. The big movements mean different muscles in the torso have to brace at different times, and so you’re working the core section without even realising it! If you’ve never experienced this indirect core workout you’ll be amazed at how tight your midsection feels after performing a few sets of these exercises. Add in another traditional exercise like the windmill and you’ll have rock solid abs before you know it.

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