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5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

2 MIN READ • 21st August 2016

Want to lose weight, improve flexibility and reduce stress? You can expect this and more by dancing off unwanted lbs in this rhythmic workout

5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    • Criss cross & bounce

      1.For this move you’ll need to keep your knees soft but with a heavy bend.
      2.Jump with your feet landing more than shoulder-width apart. Then jump the feet in and cross them over each other.
      3. Once you’ve mastered this try the moves whilst travelling from side to side.

      5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    • Ripple up & twist

      1. Standing on the spot, keep your feet hip-distance apart.
      2. Take a small jump and land into your heels and imagine this impact sends a ripple up the body, through the hips and when it reaches your chest, pop it out.
      3. As you do this twist your heels towards the left, then right then left again (for a count of 1/2/3) and repeat.

      5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    • Grind n’ pump

      1. Circle your hips and try and build up speed but to the beat of the music.
      2. As your hips rotate look to circle your rib cage at the same time. Keep your shoulders relaxed and again just feel the rhythm of the music.

      5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    • Slingshot & chest pop

      1. Feel the rhythm of the music, keep your knees soft.
      2. Move your arms across your body and move your top half at the same time.
      3. Move your arms up, circle them overhead and pop your chest as your complete the circle movement.

      5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    • Salsa grind

      1. Feeling the rhythm of the song, steps are always taken on the right foot, then left foot, then right again – like a natural walking rhythm.
      2. Place your right foot forward and count the steps 1, 2, 1, 2, 3 on your different feet whilst moving your hips to the music. Repeat on the opposite leg.

      5 Fitness Routines to Bounce into Shape

    Credits: Dave Kyle head trainer at Les Mills UK,
    Clothing: Pepper & Mayne ( and USA Pro (
    Hair & Make-up: Sarah Massie
    Model: Jessica Munro, BMA Models
    Studio: Cliqq Studios (

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