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4 New Sports To Try

3 MIN READ • 6th February 2023

Give a lesser known sport a go, says fitness guru Dean Hodgkin

  • Horseriding
    It’s fairly easy to get started once you get the hang of the basic rising trot, which you’ll soon master once you become tired of your sore bum hitting the saddle if you’re out of sync! It’s a genuine return to nature when you get outdoors and work in harmony with your mount, allowing you to enjoy the freedom it brings you.

    Body benefits:

    This is a fantastic exercise for toning the whole lower body as well as developing core strength, leading to a firmer mid-section.

  • 4 New Sports To TryBeach Volleyball
    Even just a basic hand-to-eye coordination level will equip you with all the skills needed to enjoy a game of beach volleyball. You don’t have to be too competitive, you could play to destress – simply enjoy the opportunity to make new friends, engage in new conversations and broaden your horizons. Remember, fitness is also mental, not just physical.

    Body benefits:

    Jumping around on the sand is much harder than it looks, implying your leg muscles will have to get kicking. You’ll probably feel this more in your calves than other activities, so look forward to shapely legs and looking good in your skirts and shorts!

  • 4 New Sports To TryWindsurfing
    What better way to enjoy the beautiful open blue and feel the cooling breeze in your hair? You’ll need a few lessons first to enable you to master the basic skills and get the most from your time on the water. Be prepared to get wet – you’ll fall in a lot, but don’t complain because the constant off-and-on will boost calorie expenditure, and once you get the hang of it the water is yours to discover!

    Body benefits:

    This is a super way to strengthen the muscles of your arms, shoulders and back, ensuring you look good in strappy dresses and vest tops. It’s also a fantastic route to developing balance, often overlooked in today’s fitness programmes yet proven to be invaluable in reducing risk of injury to the muscles and joints.

  • 4 New Sports To TrySailing
    An activity that could totally transform your body and mind, try riding the waves to a flat stomach, toned arms, shapely shoulders and a massive boost in self-confidence.

    Body benefits:

    This sport involves a great deal of using your bodyweight to counterbalance the force of the wind in the sails. This requires you to constantly engage the deep postural muscles, resulting in them becoming much stronger, which should lead to improvements in alignment. Not only will this help to reduce lower back problems but you’ll instantly look a little taller and leaner. Plus, pulling the rope is a mirror of the rowing style exercises you would perform in the gym, so it’ll tone your upper back and biceps.

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