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10 Supplements Every Woman Should Take

2 MIN READ • 22nd January 2022
Health and Wellbeing by Health and Wellbeing

Forget mindlessly stocking your shelves with multi vits. we line up the medicine cabinet forerunners

  • Iron

    What does it do?

    Delivers oxygen around the body and supports the process of turning glucose into energy.

    Why do i need it?

    “I wouldn’t recommend supplementation unless a blood test showed low levels. If you do need to address low levels then ferrous form of iron is well tolerated by most people and doesn’t usually adversely affect the bowel.”

    Where do i get it?

    Balanced Iron Complex £6.35

  • Zinc

    What does it do?

    We need it for our immune system, healing wounds, cognitive function, to support fertility, and for our sense of taste and smell.

    Why do i need it?

    If you need to salt your food excessively then your zinc levels may be lower than optimal. Use zinc-rich foods such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, seafood, whole grains and animal protein unless a zinc taste test suggests levels are very low.”

    Where do i get it?

    Terranova Zinc Tablets, £12

  • Magnesium

    What does it do?

    Vital to more than 300 essential reactions in the body including energy production, bone, heart, kidney and muscle health, stress response and allowing us to relax.

    why do i need it?

    “Deficiency is very common and often includes symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, nausea, muscle cramps and anxiety.”

    where do i get it?

    Nutri Advanced Ultra Muscleze, £32.99

  • B6, B9 & B12

    What does it do?

    The B vitamins have collective roles that are essential for repairing DNA, supporting detoxification and mediating inflammation.

    Why do i need it?

    “They support the correct function of almost every body system and the methylation process which regulates an unhealthy compound called homocysteine that can damage blood vessels.”

    Where do i get it?

    High Twelve BComplex, £6.80

  • Carotenoids

    What does it do?

    Helps to protect all the mucosal linings of our body (also known as the first line of our immune system).

    Why do i need it?

    “Carotenoids are helpful to reduce the risk of a number of diseases including certain cancers and heart disease. Increase your intake by combining carotenoid rich foods like carrot with naturally occurring fats such as avocado.”

    Where do i get it?

    Beta Carotene, £12.70

  • Glucosinolates

    What does it do?

    These are the natural components of pungent plants such as cabbage, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, and watercress which help to detox the liver.

    Why do i need it?

    “These chemicals are broken down into derivatives and support detoxification pathways in the liver and have anti-cancer effects.”

    Where do i get it?

    Swanson GreenFoods Extra Strength Broccoli with Glucosinolates, £13.99

  • Chlorophyll

    What does it do?

    A green pigment found in most plants where it’s needed for the process of photosynthesis, which converts sunshine into energy.

    Why do i need it?

    “Chlorophyll is considered to be a natural deodorizer and many people report feeling energy levels improve as a result of including green coloured plants in their diet such as wheatgrass and chlorella.”

    Where do i get it?

    Swanson GreenFoods Chlorophyll, £5.49

  • Omega 3

    What does it do?

    EPA and DHA are two fats essential to every cell in both the brain and body.

    Why do i need it?

    “In an ideal world we would get them by eating plenty of oily fish but sadly many of our oil-rich species are over-fished. Consider grass-fed meat as another option but otherwise go for supplementation. I use the Eskimo-3 range with my clients.”

    Where do i get it?

    Solgar Omega 3 Double Strength Softgels £14.99

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