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Bimuno's immunity range

Say goodbye to back-to-school bugs

2 MIN READ • 30th October 2023

The experts at Bimuno explain how to help support your family’s immune system at this challenging time of year

Amongst the stuffy classrooms and sleepovers, back-to-school bugs can be harder to avoid than a dodgeball to the face or that one teacher at parents’ evening.

The more people you mix with, the more likely you are to spread or catch germs, and so in a class of 30 pupils, kids are at the mercy of their classmate’s ability to cover their mouths, sneeze like a vampire and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice whilst washing their hands.

Autumn and the return to school is a conflicting time for parents – on the one hand, you want to rejoice that your child is now someone else’s problem, and you can enjoy a coffee and a magazine or a blissfully uninterrupted bathroom visit. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep up with the new stationery, new teachers, new uniform and new bugs that hitchhike home on their backpacks.

With their unwavering trust in the five-second rule, little ones come into contact with 840,000 germs every 30 minutes. Plus when we get tired, our immune systems find it harder to fight bugs. It can mean that parents running around trying to get Play-Doh out of the carpets and paint off the walls are more susceptible to picking something up.

The gut microbiome contains good and not-so-good bacteria, much like classes contain well-behaved and not-so-well-behaved children. Like the harmony in a classroom, restoring the balance in the gut helps to support immune function.

While the general population is in nursery when it comes to understanding the gut, the brain boxes at Bimuno have over 20 years of experience in researching and developing further knowledge on the gut. There is nothing ‘must try harder’ about their school report.

Bimuno Kids Immunity is a four-in-one prebiotic and vitamin blend, containing vitamin C, D3, zinc and an award-winning prebiotic. It is scientifically proven to increase Bifidobacteria levels – a beneficial bacteria – in seven days*, helping to support your child.

The science may sound more advanced than a vinegar and bicarbonate volcano or a paper mâché model of the solar system, but the Bimuno Kids Immunity taste-free soluble powder seamlessly blends into food or drinks, making it simple and convenient to provide the year-round immune support your child needs. They will not even notice their turkey dinosaurs and spaghetti hoops have been tampered with.

For parents amid school-run chaos and temper tantrums, you mustn’t neglect your own health and wellness. It can be as easy as adding Bimuno Immunity, the grown-up version of Bimuno Kids Immunity, to your daily routine.

Find out more at  

*Scientific data shows that daily use of Bimuno increases gut bifidobacteria levels within seven days, results may vary.

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