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7 Ways to Burn 300 Calorie

3 MIN READ • 6th February 2023

Achieve this goal every day with our PT-approved advice

It can be easy to get into a rut with exercise, but it turns out there are lots of ways to burn calories that will lift you out of your current routine. “It’s about doing what you enjoy and sticking to it as part of your daily regime,” says Emily Outterside, head coach at F45 Peckham Rye ( “All those small daily tasks result in energy used throughout the day so as long as you keep yourself active, the 300 mark should be a walk in the park!”

Hiit it

If you’re short on time and looking for a challenge, a HIIT or circuit-style workout is a great choice to burn calories quickly and efficiently,” says Dani Coleman, lead trainer at P.volve Los Angeles ( “High intensity interval training is giving one hundred percent effort in quick sprints. The workout will pack a punch and a lot of work into a little bit of time which is perfect for anyone always on the go. An easy way to get into HIIT style workouts is choosing seven exercises – complete each one for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest. Then move onto the next exercise. Repeat this for three to four rounds.“

Head out for a walk

You may not think it, but going for a stroll can burn some serious calories. “One of the most relaxing and positive ways to get your 300-calorie burn in would be a 45-60-minute walk,” says Emily. “This may sound like a big chunk of your day, but you could use your lunch hour to get fresh air and listen to a podcast to keep your mind active.” We’ve got lots of walking advice in H&W – turn to page 69 to find out more about our #WalkToWellbeing campaign, and page 76 to discover how to listen to our walking podcast!

Keep it clean

Remember, it doesn’t even have to feel like exercise! “If you love a spring clean, you’ll be happy to learn that it will burn 300 calories in just under two hours,” says Emily. “Alternatively, if you prefer to be out in nature, gardening for over an hour will suffice. This is also wonderfully meditative and mindful will benefit your mental health.” Turn to page 30 to find out just how beneficial getting out in your garden can be for your wellbeing.

Everything counts

Struggling to burn 300 calories every day? “When working out feels impossible in your day-to-day, get creative with how you view working out,” says Dani. “Try to incorporate as much movement into your daily decisions as possible. Simple choices, such as a morning walk on an incline for 45 minutes, biking to and from work, opting for the stairs, a HIIT workout while you’re watching your favourite programme, playing outside with your loved one, pet, or children for 45 minutes – all of these small choices add up at the end of the day!”

Get on two wheels

Love riding your bike? Listen up. “For all the bike lovers out there, you‘ll be pleased to discover that riding indoors on a spin bike can burn 300 calories in just over 30 minutes when you‘re at a good pace,” says Emily. And don’t worry if you don’t have an indoor bike, or prefer to get outside: “for those who love the open road, a leisurely ride outdoors will hit the 300-calorie target in about 45 minutes.”

Speed it up

If you’re short on time, lacing up your trainers and heading out the door to pound the pavements could be the answer. “Going for a run will achieve the 300-calorie burn in one of the fastest and simplest ways,” says Emily. “With a good playlist and a steady rhythm, most people will average 300 calories in just over 30 minutes. Or, you can increase the intensity even more – a skipping rope can whip it in just over 20 minutes!”

Slow it down

If you’re not a fan of HIIT or simply aren’t able to do more intense exercise, there’s good news: “It doesn’t have to be intense exercise to burn 300 calories,” Emily reassures us. “In fact, 60 minutes of a steady vinyasa flow will burn 300 calories – but it will also improve your flexibility and strength and alleviate stress, too.” If you are suffering with stress, head to page 86 for our self-care toolkit.

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