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5 Minutes With… Faye Brookes

2 MIN READ • 8th May 2017

The Coronation Street actress talks to us about marathon training, music, and motivation.

We sit down with Corrie star Faye Brookes for just five minutes to talk about food and working out. Here’s what she had to say:

On her daily menu

I either start my day with a shake or some eggs. I always have a salad with every meal and I try to stay away from carbs and fill up on lots of protein to keep me energised.

On her workout playlist

I usually put my music on shuffle as I love not knowing what will be playing next. Katy Perry and Bruno Mars are two of my favourite artists to keep me going during a workout.

On rest day treats

I’ll have a massive bag of popcorn (a mixture of sweet and salted) and possibly a nice glass of red wine.

On her favourite workout move

Curtsy lunges keep me toned and balanced and it’s a move that you can do with or without weights.

On her motivation

I’m really grateful for my general health and I never want to take that for granted. My positive mental attitude is what keeps me going and I love to have a goal. I’m currently training for the Virgin Money London Marathon – the regime is tough, so I make sure that I always listen to my body and if I need a rest day, I’ll have one.

On her dream workout partner

Definitely Tracey Anderson. She’s an American personal trainer and I’m slightly obsessed with her workouts!

On her greatest fitness achievement

I ran the 10k Great Manchester Run route last summer to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where my brother Jack was taken when he had leukaemia. But in April, I will embark on my biggest challenge yet when I run the London Marathon as part of Team Macmillan. I chose to run for Macmillan Cancer Support because of the fantastic support they gave our family.

On her favourite place to work out

I prefer to exercise at home as it’s personal and I can take it my own pace. But in London, there’s a park where I always run to before hitting the gym. I love the energy there – it’s quiet and small, so it’s never too busy which helps me focus and stay motivated.

On fitting workouts into a busy life

I always make sure I get some sort of exercise in at work. If I know I won’t have any free time, I get up that extra bit early to get it in, even if it’s a few yoga poses.

On her most embarrassing workout moment

I’ve definitely had one of those typical embarrassing moments on the treadmill – I was listening to my music and my phone fell out of the band on my arm and shot straight across to the other side of the gym. Oops!

Faye is running the Virgin Money London Marathon as part of Team Macmillan. Visit to sign up for a Macmillan running event and go the extra mile to help thousands of people living with cancer.


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