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Heather Watson: Workouts, Wind-Down Routines and Athlete Nutrition

2 MIN READ • 23rd January 2022
Health and Wellbeing by Health and Wellbeing

The British tennis player on fitness fuel, Guernsey cliff walks and wind-down routines

Where are you playing at the moment?

“I’m currently in Palm Springs competing at Indian Wells [in California]. When I’m training in hot climates, I like to get it done first thing. I’m a morning person anyway, so I’ll tend to have a light breakfast to set me up for the day.”

How did you find the Olympics in Toyko?

“I really enjoyed it! No one really knew what Toyko would be like with all the restrictions, but living with the tennis team was great fun. My ranking is in a really good place now, so I’m looking forward to finishing the season and starting the new year strong in Australia.”

What can you tell us about your work with Alpro?

“Training for tennis can be pretty gruelling. At the moment, I’m doing about five hours a day, which means I need to rest well and fuel my body in the best way possible. That’s why it’s great to be part of Alpro’s Team PB campaign – its products work in tandem with my recovery, as they’re rich in high-quality plant protein and low in sugars. I’ve been making more of an effort to cut down on red meat and incorporate more plantbased meals into my diet, and I feel a lot better for doing so.”

What do your workouts look like off the court?

“I love being outdoors – I think that’s why I train in Florida so much. I’ll try and be creative with my workouts and, because I’m super-competitive, I love training with other people and turning it into a challenge. I love a buzzy gym atmosphere too. It’s really motivating to see other people working hard and living such a healthy lifestyle.”

How do you fuel your workouts with healthy food?

“I’m a very get-up-and-go person, so to avoid faffing around with breakfast, I like to have something light, such as granola with non-dairy milk and fruit. I need to make sure I’m eating nutritious meals that are high in protein, so my lunch is normally a green salad and vegetables with some rice or pasta, depending on how hungry I am. I’ll also have a post-workout smoothie made up of Greek yoghurt, Alpro Soya Light, protein powder and berries.”

Do you like to have a wind-down routine?

“If I’ve had a challenging day mentally, I like to do things that will help me take my mind off tennis, so this might be getting out the house and seeing friends. Matches can sometimes go on late into the night, so it takes a while for me to be able to start my recovery with all the adrenaline rushing through me. If I’m physically exhausted, there’s nothing better than a good Netflix session!”

What is your skincare non-negotiable?

“Luckily, I’ve been blessed with good skin, so I can thank my parents for that. My skincare routine is pretty basic and SPF is my daily go-to because I’m playing in the sun a lot these days.”

What other ways do you like to stay active?

“When I’m back home in Guernsey, I enjoy going for walks on the cliffs. I love swimming in the ocean too. I always feel energised and rejuvenated when I get out.”

Credit: Heather Watson was speaking on behalf of Alpro as part of its new ‘Plant-Based for Protein Lovers’ campaign to champion plant protein from soya. Find out more at

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